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Mixplate Monday 091216

Mixplate Monday 9.12.16

Last Week’s Highlights The Fruit And Veggie Challenge at work; I’m really loving that my has a program of health-related incentives Actually cooking and…

Hypelinks 082616 Fashion Style Minimal

Hypelinks 08.26.16

I can relate to way too many of these financially-stupid things women have done for money. Self-imposed makeup and cosmetics spending freeze starts now….

Walk In The Country Boys And Girls Club Fundraiser

I Went For A Walk In The Country

The night started with folding programs and ended with putting the auction tent to bed. In between there was checking in guests and VIPs,…

Mixplate Monday 082216

Mixplate Monday 08.22.16

Last Week’s Highlights A nasty little ear infection. Tried a new seafood place, and loved every single bite. Blogged just a little bit more….

Hypelinks 081916 Fractured Lands Arab NY Times

Hypelinks 08.19.16

“Fractured Lands: How The Arab World Came Apart” is a powerful New York Times Magazine piece. It is long, but worth every minute it…

Mixplate Monday 081516 Club

Mixplate Monday 08.15.16

Last Week’s Highlights Straight up binging on The Good Wife on Amazon Prime. Didn’t quite make it the whole week without soda. We go…

Hypelinks 081216 Journey333

Hypelinks 08.12.16

Journey is a special kind of travel company, one that combines purpose, adventure and community.   Lately I’ve been feeling like Instagram has changed,…

Mixplate Monday 080816 Picnic Table

Mixplate Monday 08.08.16

Last Week’s Highlights Another long week at the office. I was really hoping to tackle my ongoing task list, but instead spent most of…