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Mixplate Monday 071414

Mixplate Monday 07.14.14

I made the decision not to go into work early anymore (unless absolutely necessary, like when I need to leave work early on Thursday)….

Mixplate Monday 06-09-14

Mixplate Monday 06.09.14

After finally having a couple of days off, I’m feeling so rested & rejuvenated. And so ready to get this week started. Let’s kick…

Bingeworthy: Hannibal

When I watched the first couple episodes of Hannibal last year, I just couldn’t get into it. I think it was the hallucination scenes…

Mixplate Monday 06-02-14

Mixplate Monday 06.02.14

Oh, Monday, I love you and I hate you. I’ve got another long day at work ahead, but hopefully a mellow, relaxing night. Whether…